Why your employer has the right to be an ignorant sheep

Exactly like some think that doctors and teachers know absolutely everything (even road directions), lots of people also believe that an employer is someone who knows.
I am not sure where this belief comes from, but I guess that if
you go back and back and back to the roots of it, you’ll see that we associate money to either meritocracy or dishonesty.
Because you want the employer to employ you, and you don’t certainly want to think about yourself as a dishonest individual, you’ll be prone to believe that the employer is, in a way, more educated and skilled than you, so they’ll kind of mentor you to become successful like them.

And because you think this way, you’ll be absolutely surprised and shocked if you’ll find out that the employer knows nothing about anything but his own business and industry.
This is something people complain about all the time, especially when they meet the owner of a small company. They complain that the employer either didn’t even look at the CV, or that they didn’t know the difference between a BA and an MA.

Actually, your problem lies inside you. To start with, there must be at least three million things you know nothing about, so you’re ignorant according to at least three million different standards.
Second, you wouldn’t even care if they weren’t to be your employer; in fact, you don’t care if your plumber, carpenter and roof maker don’t know what an MA is.
Your problem is that you don’t want to be affiliated with a rich, but illiterate according to your standards, boss, and not because this is somewhat dishonest, but because you judge people based on your either good or bad prejudices.

I’m not suggesting to make statement of being an ignorant sheep, but your employer, exactly like your plumber, yourself and anybody else, has all the right to be whatever they decide to be, as long as they do their job well and don’t harm anyone.
Your employer has maybe been
smart or lucky to make enough money to afford to employ someone like you, but money is not an indicator of anything else. Money doesn’t mean you are happy, literate, successful, generous, polite, respectful, well-dressed, a good father, a good husband, a good boss.
Money doesn’t grant you anything more than the choice to either spend or save it.

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