Why the employer is often an ignorant sheep

Exactly like most people think that doctors and teachers know absolutely everything (even road directions), lots of people also believe that an employer is someone who knows. I am not sure where this belief comes from – maybe it’s just because we tend to think that, if you are an employer you are rich, and if you are rich you are also quite cultivated.

If you go back and back to the roots of it, you’ll find out that we associate money to either meritocracy or dishonesty. In this case, since you want the employer to like and employ you, you’ll want to think that they are deserving as hell and also that they are, in a way, more educated and skilled than you, so they’d mentor you to become successful like them.

And because you think this way, you’ll be absolutely surprised and shocked if you’ll find out that the employer is an ignorant sheep. Now, if you want me to say that you’re right and it’s outrageous that your employer doesn’t know where Portugal is, you’ll be disappointed.

This is something people complain about all the time, especially when they meet the owner of a small company. Look, I went to the job interview and the employer didn’t know the difference between a BA and an MA, and he dared to ask me if I had good grammar when I have a PhD in Grammar, but he didn’t even know what a PhD is – that ignorant sheep.

An employer, exactly like everyone else, has all the rights to be an ignorant sheep if they so decide, and if you think otherwise the asshole here is you, since this means that you judge people based on their status, and not on who they really are.

You expect the roof maker to be an ignorant sheep, not the employer who contacted you for a job interview. It has to be this way because you are not a roof maker so this eludes you from being an ignorant sheep yourself.

The truth is that your employer has maybe been smart or lucky to make enough money to afford to employ someone like you, but the deal stops there. Money is not an indicator of anything else. Money doesn’t mean you are happy, literate, successful, generous, polite, respectful, well-dressed, a good father, a good husband, a good boss. Money, actually, doesn’t grant you anything more than the choice to either spend or save it. And the way you do so is no one else’s business.

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