Why recruiters lie and never call back: 11 reasons

Following the description of the 6 worst type of recruiters, this is the second and last part of the investigative interview I carried out with a London-based consultant who wants to stay anonymous.
Here are the main 11 reasons recruiters lie and never call back and what you should expect as a candidate.

The 11 biggest reasons recruiters lie to candidates

1: Recruiters, estate agents and secondhand car dealers…

  • All belong to the same species.

2: Recruiters are all about business transactions

  • They are not about relationships: they may love you today, but they will just ignore you the very next minute if they don’t need you anymore.

3: All about the money

  • The reason recruiters don’t provide you with feedback about a job interview you had with their client company is that if the interview went badly they cannot make money out of yourself anymore – at least this time.

4: Should you chase a recruiter after an interview?

  • The answer is no: if they’re interested, they will literally be running after you.

5: There surely are honest agency recruiters out there…

  • But the problem is that they are too few, this is why if you’ve been lucky enough to meet an honest recruiter, you should stay in touch with them and create a good personal relationship. As for the rest of recruiters you know, just use them exactly as they are using you. It may sound cruel, but it’s just the way it works.

6: Keep an updated blacklist of recruiters who showed you a lack of professionalism in the past

  • Keep records of your experience and avoid wasting your time again.

7: When a new recruiter approaches you…

  • Be polite, and try to always give them the benefit of the doubt.

8: Why do recruiters ignore you?

  • What recruiters do is sending a certain number of suitable candidates to their clients, and since their only target is to get a commission, they just care about quantity and good timing. Hence,, once they have filled – let’s say – a 10-profile package, they’ll just ignore the rest of applications unless the client says that none of those first 10 candidates is good enough.

9: Fake jobs are the new fake news

  • Be wary of fake jobs: recruitment agencies post fake jobs all the time to collect candidates’ CVs and spy on companies’ ongoing vacancies. You’ll find more info about fake jobs posting in the exclusive interview with the former bastard.

10: Again on fake jobs

  • Be wary that some agencies keep posting the same job ads (packed with relevant keywords) over and over again but don’t have an opening in reality.

11: Again on the damn money

  • It’s also fascinating how agencies use salary as the only thing that matters; very often, it’s not about the experience or the skills, it’s all about the salary (so, what if you are underpaid in your current role?). And because recruiters are so commission-focussed, they’ll think that everyone works in the same way, so they’ll try to make you change job for a ten quid’s difference.

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