Why Lord Sugar’s Best Business Lesson Has Nothing to Do With Money

No half measures with Lord Sugar. You either love or hate him.
I went from ignoring his existence to being crazy about him in literally one evening. I then read almost all his autobiography What You See is What You Get and all of his other book The Way I See It, and I watched 10 years of The Apprentice episodes in two weekends. And you know what, almost all the time I could tell who was going to be fired, along with the exact reason why. He let me down only twice, and both times lawyers were involved. I think he just hates lawyers so much that he loses his judgment on them – to be honest, the skeleton thing with poor Felipe last year was just so terribly unfair.

Apart from the above, I got to like him in the first place because I can understand what he says. He speaks in such a wonderful and plain English which sounds just like music to me. At the time, I was still working in the blue-carpeted office and everyone had a terrible accent there, and also questionable eating habits, so I basically didn’t understand a thing of what was going on.

Secondly, Lord Sugar is so straightforward, not like all those Brits who just tell you that something is interesting when they actually mean it’s crap.
Lastly, he’s all about honesty, you can’t help with him. No bullshit, no jargon, he just values the essence of things and people.
At the beginning, I was so loud in my appreciation of Lord Sugar that the blue-carpeted office’s IT man made this joke on my computer during a lunchtime.

The Shortlisted Why Lord Sugar's Best Business Lesson has nothing to do with Money

The Best Joke Ever 😉

It’s one of the best memories I have from that place. Another is when the clocking machine got broken the day after it was installed.
And yes, that crazy mess was my desk. Yes, I know.
For your reference, that little white ball on the right was a personal humidifier. As I told you before, windows there are sealed with cement and you struggle to breathe decently.
But let me come back to Lord Sugar. Even people who dislike him will agree that there is a lot to learn from hi; however, they assume this for the wrong reason. They respect him only because he made money.
I don’t.
Arms dealers make money too.

What I really find inspiring about him is his ability to trust and follow his own instinct: because he doesn’t care about appearances, he just listens to his inner voice. So, someone who looked like a good fellow in week one suddenly proved everyone to be a perfect asshole by simply responding to a question from Lord Sugar in the boardroom. And this is just because that was the exact question a perfect asshole would snap up at. You never know whether someone is a perfect asshole until you ask them the right question. Or you sleep with them.

Call it being nasty, call it the ability to take the worst out of people, but I call it instinct, intuition. I think is a great tool to use in life, in general, and in work especially. Trusting your own instinct allows you to immediately know whether something or someone is good for you or not. This applies to a business partner, a boss, a job, a particular situation, a place. Don’t get a job you feel dreadful about just because it is rationally the “right thing to do”.

Don’t do what you think is right: do what you know is right. There is not a right thing to do out there. There is just you, the life you want to live and the job you want to give a try. Don’t be afraid to follow your own inner voice. Lord Sugar wasn’t and he made billions.

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