Why do you want to change your job?

So why do you want to change your job?”

This is a question every proper recruiter will ask – so just make sure you don’t say the truth.

Chances are that they’ll ask you this towards the end of the job interview, when you’re more relaxed and less prone to lie.

You must obviously not insult your current employer, and in any case, you should just keep your true reasons for yourself. Be wary because the recruiter is likely to report your answer verbatim to the potential employer. To whom, of course, you’ll still have to repeat the same answer you gave the recruiter.

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Job interview question funny checklist: why do you want to change job?

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TIP: Any acceptable answer you may think of must come from the following pathetic statement:

I am so grateful to my current company for everything it has offered to me. I learned so much from all the fantastic people there, and now I am ready to bring all my skills and expertise to a larger organisation offering me new challenges and opportunities.

Everyone knows that no one wants to change jobs if they are happy when they are, so this is one of the hardest questions ever. The answer you’ll give may determine whether you get the job or not; so be extremely careful.

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