Work with us

The Shortlisted Media Ltd is looking for a commission-only independent content syndication/licensing agent or agency to sell reprint rights to our work to various media in various territories.

Payment will be based on commission, and commissions are to be agreed upon with the agent.

Please get in touch at [email protected] with:

– your CV
– a short covering note including details about your experience in syndicating and licensing content


The Shortlisted Media Ltd is also looking for UK-based self-employed media sales experts on a commission-only and remote basis to sell sponsorship packages to brands and companies interested in getting exposure to our audience and sponsor our interviews and publication.
All sales experience levels will be considered.
The commission will be 30% on each sale.

Please get in touch at [email protected] with:
– your CV
– a short covering note
– a list of your media sales works

Why commission-only?
We are a very young company and couldn’t afford to pay someone that wouldn’t bring results. If you’re good and you believe you can bring in new sponsors and generate revenue, you’ll get your fair share.

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