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In my country, Easter Eggs look just like giant Kinder Surprises (which have also been invented chez moi, btw).

On Easter, things go this way. You are given a hollow chocolate egg that always contains a surprise; then, when you unwrap the surprise, you start crying. It’s always the same: every year, every brand promises that their surprises won’t disappoint the kids, and they end up disappointing even the house’s walls.

The biggest childhood traumas in Italy always date back to some stupid Barbie jumping out of an Easter Egg that was supposed to contain a Smurf.

On the other hand, all this surprise paraphernalia is illegal in the US, and you’d better not to get caught in NYC with a Kinder Surprise along with your passport and chewing gun.

I perfectly know that this has nothing to do with your April’s guest bloggers, but you know, I was dying to write that chewing gun thing up.

It makes me feel clever.

★ April’s Guest Bloggers ★

Karin Martin is a consultant for multilingualism. She is, you know, that style of academic polyglot who can list all the grammatical cases in German just like I could sing all Take That songs after a long-haul flight (hence: perfectly). She obviously speaks plenty of languages and is a very nice girl, too. She helps expat families and children coping with language learning.
♦ Her first guest post, titled When You Don’t Know Which Language Will Be in will be published on Monday 24th April.

Herbert Wright is a creative writer at a company that sells academic writing services. He says he loves things like biking, hiking and extreme sports. This is everything I know about him. He approached me saying that he had a great idea for a great guest post, and then he delivered exactly what promised with no fuss. If you consider that most of the people who apply for the Guest Blogging Opportunity actually think that my first name is The Shortlisted and that I am a fashion blogger, then you’ll get my point about Herbert.
♦ His first guest post, titled 5 Job Interview Tips People Will Never Tell You, will be published on Monday 17th April (aka, next week).

The Shortlisted Happy Easter

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